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Even though the big health issues that doctors tried to solve which can be easily make over by our health astrologer who is famous in Canada. First our Master Arvind will thoroughly check your birth chart details and analyze the mistakes in your horoscope. He strongly believes in health astrology because it has many solutions for each and every health issues.

Then by using his Vedic skills, he will find the best solution for your health problem. He will try to regulate your planet positions in the correct path by doing some pujas. And finally he asked to follow the proper way to maintain your health by using his valuable tips.

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If you want to deal your problems through mail conversation, then you can mail your details through Email id: masterarvind04 gmail. Master Arvind Health Issues Problem. Health Issues Problem In Vedic astrology health is strongly related to astrology.

Business problems — Automatically we could not concentrate in our business work while we are suffering from strong health issues. Karma yoga daily at 11am.

How Medical Astrology can help predict the diseases & health of a person

Om namo narayanaya chanting nightly at 7pm. Identifying Mental Health Issues in the Vedic Chart Bill Sinclair Using the fundamental principles of Vedic astrology, we will conduct a case review of prominent people who have been diagnosed with mental illness and addiction issues.

We will identify common astrological signatures related to depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction. We will also explore ways to approach these topics with clients from a strength-based perspective.

For more than a century, Physics has also had a frontier that even the brightest minds struggle to understand. Could there be a connection?

Could Yoga help us understand Physics and vice versa. The new and fascinating field of Quantum biology may give us some clues. This easy-to-understand talk will review the amazing discoveries so far and where they may be leading. We will understand the heart disease tendency, intensity and the timing of the disease.

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Various planets have different energetic influence on the functioning of the Heart. We will be discussing the markers of longevity and the Heart-Brain connection for emotional well being.

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Malefics placed here can cause depression and other mental problems. Understanding and propitiation of this nakshatra helps us to elevate our level of consciousness and mental peace.

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The natural state may be fiery, windy, etc. Even good doctors can find it difficult to distinguish between Prakriti and Vikriti but to properly understand the patient, it helps to distinguish these. Jyotish Vedic Astrology can help us understand Prakriti and Vikriti along with the timing — when problems will arise and when they will tend to subside.

Health Astrology

In this workshop, we will study these topics along with an approach to remedies using traditional and simple Jyotish mantras specific to the chart. In this class, we will explore therapeutic perspectives based on the ideas of a strength-based approach, wellness, recovery orientation and harm-reduction. We will use example charts to develop language that can enlighten the lives of our clients. The Ascendant, Zodiac Signs, planetary strength and weakness clearly offers practical tools for optimum health.