Horoscope gemini december 8 2019

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OCT 8, - Read full overview. Are you ready for a shakeup? The Wheel of Fortune indicates that one is coming. But don't be too worried. This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Good luck, bad Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success.

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Angel Cards, Angel You are able to let go the past and move dynamically into the future without allowing blocks to come in your way. A turnaround is possible in personal and professional situations that may have been stuck.

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Colour maroon. You can trust your gut feelings about family and professional matters. You can be creative with anything you do with your hands, be it music cooking, sculpting or writing. Lucky number 9. Colour red. Personal relationships flower with love and tenderness. Business booms and opportunities for expansion are on the cards! You can finally relax after a hectic time at home and work. A loved one surprises you with a gift. Beware of going over the top emotionally. Lucky number 4. You are guided by insight and wisdom when taking a significant decision about the future.

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Unexpected help from friends and associates may surprise you when you need it most. Beware of over reacting or spending irrationally. Addictions can be kicked. Colour sea blue.

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You are dynamic and assertive like 'The Emperor' while making new beginnings at work today. However, you are soft, gentle and loving in relationships to maintain inner and outer balance.

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Victory and success are on the cards after a short period of strife. Colour yellow. You are subtle and diplomatic when dealing with clients and sensitive people. Let your morality come out of your awareness rather than out of conditioning. You break through old patterns of thinking and behaving with a new vision to see life as it really is.

Colour blue. It's best to go around blocks rather than encounter them directly to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Collaborations and partnerships can come together and bring material gain and success in business.

Gemini Love Horoscope 12222

Don't forget to relax and celebrate the festive season. An existing partnership or marriage has great potential and strength that adds to your happiness and well-being. Visitors can be expected. Continuous professional and social activity can be exhausting but transforming. Maintain balance in all areas of life.