November 15 planets align astrology

Eulogize your farewells, cosmic warrior — embracing forward motion requires acceptance of the past.

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

This formal parting is perfectly timed because the following day — Thursday, November 8 — lucky Jupiter finally says au revoir to Scorpio. It's been in Scorpio since around this time last year on October 10, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Scorpio is the sign associated with taboos, sex, and all that exists within the shadows. This association explains a lot of what's been happening lately. In fact, this astrological transit happened the exact same week the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. For the past 13 months, Jupiter has shifted forward, backward, and connected with other planets in the sky — each motion perfectly aligning with an important cultural milestone.

Jupiter moves into philosophical Sagittarius to help us find answers. Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, so when this sign and planet link up, the energies work together at their highest vibrations. We will start feeling the impact of Jupiter as early as Thursday, November 22 , when the sun glides into Sagittarius.

At this time, we will have celestial bodies in this fiery sign the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter , creating a powerful cosmic trifecta.

Planetary Overview

The following day Friday, November 23 , the sky will be electrified by a full moon in Gemini, which will provide some serious clarity. The moon symbolizes our emotions , and on a societal scale, women. By the end of the month, we will definitely see lots of shifts directed toward attitudes about the patriarchy. It is my duty, however, to be the bearer of some less fabulous news as well: The very same day that sensual Venus concludes its retrograde cycle, Mercury begins its own moonwalk.

The fourth and final retrograde of begins on Thursday, November 16 and will last through December 6. You ready, team?

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Observed by William Lassell. Partially observed from Malta by William Lassell. Observed from Greenwich Observatory. Observed by John Tebbutt. Observed from Sidmouth, Devon by H. Turner and A. Lindemann [38]. Observed from Johannesburg by R. Innes [39]. Seen by several observers across the U. Grace Cook and T. Final stages observed by Basil Brown. Final stages observed from the U. Observed from New South Wales. Neptune direct will give us the drive to seek the paradise outside ourselves.

Paradise is a state of being. Neptune direct will ask you to acknowledge the miracle of your existence. Paradise can well be a place on Earth. On November , both Jupiter and Mercury start a new cycle. Jupiter starts its yearly cycle , and Mercury starts its 4-month cycle. Yet the message is more relevant than ever. Now is the time to start that big project, to take that opportunity, to go BIG.

Scorpio And Cancer Reunite

Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are here to tell you that anything is possible, as long as you believe. What are you waiting for? On November 30th, we have the final Venus-Uranus opposition. It all started on September 12th, when we had the first Venus-Uranus opposition. But you made it. Today is the final BANG.

Planetary Studies - Mars in Pisces - Nov 15 2018 to Dec 31 2018

The outcome of Venus retrograde. The overlooked element of Uranus in Aries. What needs to happen will happen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Wow, very thorough! Is there any way for me to take advantage of the Jupiter transit to Sagittarius? I am looking forward to all of them as a 20 year relationship has just come to an end so curious to see the seeds of change to come.

Transit of Mercury

Thank you for a wonderful write up. I look forward to to making some positive changes in my life. Doing a lot of soul searching in the Venus retrograde and ready for a new chapter. I am now coming out of the transformative life changing choices I made. Able now to embrace the great fruits of my labour. Thank you for confirming, thank you for enlightening, I deeply. I was surprised to find that uranus will be squaring the south node as its ruler squaring aquarius from taurus after more than years.

Because the last two times uranus was in Taurus it missed squaring the nodes. Must be really significant in terms of shaking up and purging aquarian south node karma. What aspect or aspects are you looking forward to in November, and why? Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Like this: Like Loading Have a look which house in your natal chart Jupiter will transit.

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