Aquarius october 22 2019 weekly horoscope by marie moore

The women in your life can put you in crisis mode when there really isn't one. For some of you, you need to becareful how you speak to others.


Because you can come off as superior or a know it all. If you feel restrictive , stifled or stuck in a relationship or your not winning an arguement.

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You can have some really nasty fights. Try to find freedom in your relationships or focus on something else you like about work. You have Uranus transiting for the next six years ; you need to learn to accept certain situations or people, easier said. For some of you , the focus is towards property matters, and dealing with the home itself.

Agony Aunts

Work on getting straight to the point rather than dancing around ;what it is that you want. You may find that others may snap at you for not getting to the point. Now that you know, you can work on avoiding this situation today. Keep your feet planted when it comes to love and be about the actions. This is a strong aspect for beginning a new enterprise or endeavor. Decisive action comes naturally now.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope: June 22nd to 28th - Sidereal Astrology

You possess willpower, verve, and energy that you can direct toward achieving your more lofty goals. You have the urge to expand, branch out, or take on more challenges.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope October 22 29 2018 Astrology Tarot

The desire to take action for the good or to better your life is strong now. You can feel more grounded with this energy. You can be receiving recognition and attention for your work. You can start new health regiments for yourself, or delve into spirituality. You have an easier time speaking your mind.

New Moon in Libra under a Venus Rx.

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Sagittarius January Tarot Card and Astrology Reading Sagittarius, it all just kind of comes together - truly, you are bringin' it home! This will be an area that needs immediate attention for Sagittarius.

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